What We Do

We deliver Specialty chemicals and Industrial solutions.

VAIBHAVII is a specialty chemicals supplier and technology provider to the traditional and new energy industries in the form of fully integrated projects, products, solutions, and services.

We are a cutting-edge supplier of chemicals and a solution provider for power plants, fertilizers, oil and gas refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, etc. We provide high-quality chemicals and solutions to almost all industries throughout the world with our application-based technical expertise, extensive product portfolio, and industry knowledge. We source the highest quality chemicals from leading manufacturers and supply them worldwide. We distribute natural and chemical raw materials, additives and specialty chemicals all over the world.

With our expertise in Research and Development, we can do customized product development, manufacture, provide consultancy in Lubricant industry for optimised formulations, setting up infrastructure, and supply in Oil industry,, etc.

Our collaborative creativity enables us to lead the market with sustainability and innovation in every service we provide. Our experience covers the whole engineering value chain and supports both greenfield and brownfield projects. Starting with the very first concept, pre-FEED and FEED into detailed engineering execution, operational readiness engineering, optimization, and enhancement, and finally decommissioning/reuse. Our objective is to enhance project performance, decrease emissions, and improve project economics for our clients.