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VAIBHAVII FZCO based in Dubai is supplying Specialty Chemicals in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Cement, Agriculture, Water-Treatment, Food manufacturing, Metal, natural products, Lubricants, etc.

We take the utmost care in providing the best quality products to our customers and strives to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry. Our experience and contact network would help our clients to find solutions in dealing with challenges in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, supply chain to rapidly changing product trends.

The "Chemistry to Customer" concept of VAIBHAVII states that we exclusively deal in high-quality chemicals directly from manufactures for our clients and help them choose the ingenious molecules for their applications. We intent to serve various industries such as Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream), paint, printing, adhesive, textile, metal, automotive, water treatment, Lubricants, cement, agriculture, etc. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service and the most efficient products. Our vast experience, knowledge, technologies and highly innovative products help our customers be more successful and efficient

We find the Industrial solutions in engineering, design, projects pertaining to Oil and Gas and consultancy in setting up State of the Art R & D Laboratory facilities and formulation technologies for Lubricants industry. Our strong commitment to helping our customers succeed is what sets us apart. Our extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, cutting-edge tools, and highly inventive solutions enable our clients to operate more successfully and effectively.

Our experienced team works closely with customers to ensure that they receive the most innovative and cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs. To assist our clients, realize their goals and create a brighter future, we provide industrial solutions to the challenges of today in chemicals world to help our customers achieve their ambitions and build a better tomorrow.

We are a competent and reliable partner to our customers.

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Our dear customers said about us

The senior leadership team of Vaibhavii is top-notch, and they are committed in providing excellent services to their clients.

- Jibu James

We are thrilled to collaborate with Vaibhavii because of their value system, which places a great importance on long-term relationships and client satisfaction. They are unbeatable in terms of both price and product quality.

- John Doe