Lubricant Additives

We supply a various types of lubricant additives formulated by lubricant formulation R & D experts for Passenger Car Motor Oils (PCMO), Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils (HDDEO), Automotive Gear OiIs (AGO), Automatic Transmission fluids (ATF), Hydraulics and other additive packages, used in formulating Automotive and Industrial Lubricating oils.

With the help of our R &D team, we have capability to formulate and manufacture additives meeting the specifications of API SB to API SN for PCMO , JASO MA/MA2/MB additives for motorcycle oils, API CB to API CJ-4 for HDDEO, API GL-4, API GL-5 for Gear oil and limited slip differentials, DX-III transmission fluids, UTTO, STOU, Marine additives, API TC, JASO FD, FC, TCW3 additives, etc.

The lubricants additives are manufactured in collaboration with our associates in Dubai. We also manufacture lubricants additives as per customer needs and have capabilities to supply in drums, IBC and ISO containers.