PetCoke, commonly referred to as Petroleum coke is a carbonaceous product, carbon-rich solid material, which is generated as a by-product during the crude oil refining process. Petcoke is available in a various forms, including shot coke, sponge coke, honeycomb coke, and needle coke. Based on sulphur content ( from 0.5% to 8.0%), it is classified as low or medium or high sulphur Petcoke. Accordingly, Petcoke is divided into fuel grade and anode grade. It is used as a fuel in the cement, metal and brick industries. It is also frequently utilized in place of conventional coke or in the manufacture of battery electrodes.

Over 75% of the petcoke produced is considered fuel grade and has a 20% higher calorific value than coal. Since its combustion generates volatile waste products, it has to be used in conjunction with treatment plants and filters. The cement industry is the main consumer of fuel-grade petcoke, accounting for over 60% of global annual production.