Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is food grade bleaching earth (Calcium Bentonite) produced from fine native calcium bentonite by purifying and chemical processing. Acid activated bentonite clay has high bleaching efficiency and filtration rate. Fuller’s Earth is widely used for decoloring, refining and purifying edible animal oil, vegetable oil and industrial oil etc. It provides a completely natural option to assure a highly effective procedure to produce a clear and pure oils. It can be applied in the first stages of the manufacturing of biodiesel from spent oil. It comes in a few grades, including acid-treated, heated, and 5% carbon, direct.

It is produced by the acidic activation of bentonite, which alters the mineral’s peculiar layered structure: ion exchange with protons permits additional water to enter between the layers, causing the material to swell. As a result, the surface area increases by a factor of five. The substantially increased and active surface may bind any undesirable chemical partners and pollutants in the oil, rendering it crystal clear and safe.